5 Budget-Friendly Vape Kits for Beginners

Vaping is, for many, a fun casual experience or hobby; and as with all hobbies, the price of entry can easily go up into the hundreds of dollars. Traditional non-disposable vape kits in particular can be quite daunting for ex-smokers, especially when you add up the price for a brand new holder and battery charger, coils, liquids, and any other modifications – not to mention the expertise needed to properly care for these vapes.

For many, disposable vape kits are a much easier (and often more affordable) alternative, especially if you’re not keen on turning vaping into a serious hobby but instead simply want the cool and refreshing puffs as a substitute or replacement for other, nastier habits.

We’ve got plenty of affordable vape pens at Vape Homie, so much so that it’s a little challenging narrowing down a list of budget-friendly vape kits. Nevertheless, we’ve tried to condense our top five down to models that run you about $20 or less per unit:

01. IGET XXL 1800 Puff

Our IGET XXL 1800 Puff is one of the cheapest vape pens, running at only $10, but it’s no slouch in terms of dependable performance you should expect from a vape pen. Most other vape pens at this price are cheap in all senses of the word and are rather lacklustre, but this vape pen built of lightweight stainless steel is actually quite durable and dependable, especially at this price point.

Of course, you’ll have over a dozen cool flavours to choose from like with many of our other models, even those at much higher price points.

02. ELF BAR BC3000 x5

The cutely-named ELF BAR BC3000 x5 has been a stellar success in the UK and in the US and it’s sure to be a hit here Down Under. Technically, this is a 5x combo set but each Elf Bar BC3000 works out to about $18 apiece so it certainly is a great way to get your foot in the door for casual vaping.

What makes us keen on this vape kit combo set is that you can pick and choose from five different flavours, so it gives you a lot of freedom to experiment with some killer flavours and find out which ones you like (and may some you don’t like as much).

03. PUFFMI 1000 Puffs Combo x10

Want even more choice? Our PUFFMI 1000 Puffs Combo x10 gives you 10 different flavour choices to get you started off with your vaping experience, all working out to about $12.50 each when bought as a bundle. Same deal as with the previous vape kit combo set, just affordable, high-quality vape pens, plenty of tasty flavours, and an ideal beginner’s kit that’s budget-friendly.

04. MR FOG 2000 Puffs

If you want a vape pen that looks sleek (and doesn’t look “cheap,” not to say our others do but that’s up to you) yet comes at a budget-friendly price point, our MR FOG 2000 Puffs certainly will impress. It’s got an adjustable air flow and a slim profile that fits nicely into a suit jacket or a purse, for example, and comes in over a dozen killer flavours.

05. YUOTO FOX 3000 Puf

The YUOTO FOX 3000 Puff is another sleek and compact vape pen with a convenient mouthpiece that perhaps more closely resembles the feel of a durry, which might be helpful if you’re trying to kick that habit. Much like the Mr Fog model above, it’s available in over a dozen cool flavours and has 5% nicotine, which makes this a great choice for ex- or trying-to-quit smokers.

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