5 Key Reasons to Choose Vape Homie for Casual Vaping Products

Vape Homie is a leading vape supplier in Australia and New Zealand’s. There are plenty of good reasons to choose us when buying your next vape, but here are our top five:

01. Combo Sales at Great Prices

Depending on how you look at it, vaping can involve spending a little money on a habit but one that you may find enjoyable. On the other hand, it can be seen as a huge discount when compared to other puff-puff habits. Spending 50+ dollars for a packet of the “real thing” is hugely unaffordable as a habit, especially if you used to toss back a whole packet per day or over the course of a weekend.

Vape Homie offers competitive prices on standalone vape pens, but we also offer combo sales at affordable prices so that customers can mix and match flavours to find out which one they prefer the most.

02. Committed to Quality and Innovation

The world of vaping has changed a lot in recent years and for around a decade or so when it really began to pick up. Being at the cutting edge of quality means carrying the latest vaping products that have been tried and tested.

You may recall that a few years ago, stories were emerging in the US and elsewhere of vape pens spontaneously exploding or overheating and causing burns. Cheaply-made batteries used improperly on cheaply-made vapes tend to be the common red threat throughout these stories, which is why Vape Homie remains committed to only sourcing high-quality vape products that provide satisfaction but that also are safe.

03. Friendly 24/7 Customer Service

Buying a vape might not be as intense of a purchase as buying a new car, but you may (and hopefully do) have many enquiries regarding our products before you spend your hard-earned money. Even if you aren’t breaking the bank by buying a cheap disposable vape pen, you don’t want to end up with the wrong flavour or purchase a product that isn’t to your liking.

We offer 24-hour customer service via live chat and will endeavour to respond to your enquiries to the best of our ability. This also includes giving objective and fair responses on vaping without any pressure to buy. We’re confident, however, that you’ll be satisfied with our communications and welcome you to try one of our products.

04. Discreet Delivery Anywhere in Australia

We deliver all vape products listed here on our website to towns and cities all across Australia. From Perth to Sydney, Melbourne to Darwin and everywhere in between, we ship with Australia Post and always use discreet packaging.

Let’s face it, nobody needs to know what’s in the box. That old saying about privacy being unnecessary: “if you haven’t got anything to hide” is wrong on so many levels. It’s nobody’s beeswax to begin with, period. Nevertheless, there is some taboo about vaping and you’ll hopefully be grateful that nobody (not the package deliverer, your spouse, your son, nobody) will take a gander at your “VAPEMASTER 5000” or whatever you happen to purchase.

05. All-in-One Vape Shop

Most vape pens sold at Vape Homie tend to be disposable vapes, which in turn tend to be popular for casual or infrequent usage such as when going out with the lads or lasses to the clubs or for brief periods when trying to ween off other bad puff-puff habits, for example. We also carry drip tanks, cases, and tanks for those looking to get more deep into vaping, however.

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