Our Most Popular Vape Flavours To Try The Next Time You Buy

One of the best things about vaping is that there are so many wonderful flavours out there that you can try. You can stock up on a different flavour every time you get a refill for your vape pen and those that use disposable devices love to sample a different fragrance with every new device. It is a lot of fun to sample these different fragrances and, while trying new aromas, you will soon discover a favourite that you will turn to time and time again.

If you are considering a new fragrance and are not sure what to get then it is best to choose one of the popular fragrances. Here is a quick look at some of the most frequently bought disposable vape flavours that lots of people absolutely adore.

Lush Ice

Luch ice is a perfect fragrance for winter. This vaping flavour offers a combination of cool and refreshing mint with sweet juicy watermelon. It is an ideal fragrance for those that love fruity flavours and the refreshing icy hints are great for clearing up congestion during winter.


Mango or mango combo flavours like mango ice, mango orange watermelon, or lychee mango is a very popular flavour amongst regular users. This fragrance offers sweet and tropical hints that remind of fruity cocktails and refreshing tropical juices.


Strawberry is a timeless fragrance and it comes in many mixed flavours like strawberry kiwi, strawberry mint, strawberry ice, strawberry mango ice, and many others. This fruity flavour is an ideal fragrance for complete beginners because it is something that most people love. The different flavour combinations are also ideal for those who love strawberry but sometimes want something with a slightly different undertone. 

Menthol Flavours

Vape liquids come in many menthol fragrances or a combination of menthol and fruity aromas. Menthol fragrances are popular because they deliver a cold and refreshing hit and can have a sinus-opening effect. If you prefer unsweetened fragrances then it is best to stick with clear menthol flavours like ice, mint ice,  or pure menthol flavours. But if you want a slightly richer and sweeter undertone then combination fragrances like strawberry ice, banana ice, aloe grape ice, or cola ice can be wonderful aromas to try.

Mixed Berry 

Berry fragrances or mixed berry flavours are also very popular among vaping enthusiasts because these fragrances are fruity but not overpowering in terms of sweetness. Berry vape flavours also come in combination flavours like berry mint or berry ice that can offer a slightly minty undertone. Specific berry flavours like blueberry can also be interesting fragrances to try because it offers equal parts of sweet and sour with a more subtle sweetness level. 


You will quickly note that many mixed vape flavours include watermelon aromas. This is because watermelon is a timeless fragrance with a sweet and cool taste. This flavour is cool, juicy and slightly acidic, and usually not too overwhelming in terms of sweetness. It does, however, come in many variations such as watermelon gummy bear, mango orange watermelon, and minty watermelon aromas that can offer good variation should you prefer to try different flavouors that still have that refreshing summer undertone. 

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