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  • Puffs: 4500 puffs
  • Nicotine: 50mg
  • E-liquid: 12ML
  • Air Flow Control
  • Battery: 1400 mAh
  • Rechargeable: Type-C Rechargeable

GUNNPOD PLUS 4500 Puffs Disposable Vape is an upgrade from the best-selling Classic 2000 VP in Australia. Boasting new technology, it offers even more satisfying puffs. Not only does GUNNPOD guarantee a smoother throat experience compared to other brands, but its premium quality and design make it perfect for daily use.

VapeBrother is the company for wholesale disposable vape, offering top quality products such as the HQD Australia bulk and more.


Cherry Pomegranate, Classic Tobacco, Cola Ice, Cool Mint, Grape, Lush lce, Mango Rita, Mixed Berry, Pineapple Guava, Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Lush

1 review for GUNNPOD PLUS 4500 PUFFS

  1. june_admin

    Very good flavor!!!!

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