What Is Vaping?

Vaping has become increasingly popular these past few decades. The increased use of vapes over traditional cigarettes has become noticeable all around Australia. But what exactly is vaping and where does it come from? Let’s take a look.

History Of Vaping

Vaping or electronic cigarettes has a pretty deep history. The first vape was invented by the New Yorker, Joseph Robinson in 1927 but after designing this device and receiving approval in 1930, he never did go to the market with his invention. 

The vape was re-discovered and recreated in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert who invented the very first battery-operated device, or rather the very first electric cigarette. Gilbert developed different prototypes and even experimented with various flavours but sadly, his device didn’t reach the market.

In the 1980s, Phol Ray worked along with Norman Jacobson to create a commercialised variation of the electric cigarette but their idea also didn’t take off because the devices functioned a bit more like a normal cigarette than an electronic device.

Hon Lik from China is considered the father of the modern e-cigarette because he was the one who would create the device that is currently known as vape. With the help of modern technology and modern lithium batteries, he developed a device that was small, portable, and affordable enough for the average consumer to use. 

What Is A Vape?

The vapes that are commercialised and sold these days were created on Hon Lik’s patent. It is an electronic device that mimics tobacco smoking. These devices are battery-powered and feature an atomizer and cartridge or tank. Some vapes are reusable and come with a rechargeable battery as well as a refillable cartridge. Other vapes are disposable and will need to be discarded when the liquids from the cartridge are used up or when the battery runs out. Both of these different devices come in many different designs, brands, and flavours.

The e-juice or e-liquid located in the cartridge can be of numerous flavours and the amount of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, glycerol, and other chemicals can vary for different fragrances and brands. The atomizer of these devices can also function differently for different devices and might produce vapours of higher or lower intensity levels. Some devices also allow you to adjust the intensity or concentration in the vapours. 

How Do Vapes Work?

The e-cigarette is designed to simulate smoking but it functions quite differently and the product the user inhales is also very different from traditional smoking. Vapes might differ in design but they all function on the same basic principle. 

The device consists of a battery source (known as a vape mod) that powers a heating element or coil in the device. This element then vaporizes the e-juice located in the cartridges in a small chamber that is known as the chamber or atomizer. When the user uses the vape, he or she will inhale these vaporized juices through a small mouthpiece. 

Why Do People Use Vapes?

People vape for various reasons. Some use disposable vapes as a means to quit smoking, some prefer these devices to cigarettes because they smell better and can be less harmful. Some enjoy vaping because it is more affordable compared to traditional cigarettes. 

Vaping is quite interesting and it has a very deep history. If you want to learn more about vapes or want to make the switch from smoking today then you should shop around on Vape Homie. Here you can learn heaps about vaping and you can find all the latest and best devices.